And a Happy New Year

Here we are at the start of 2014, and here I am with the obligatory New Years blog post.

2013 was a year of firsts for me, from my first fiction sale to my first pro sale to my first child. It was also the first year I lost NaNo, and while that hurt, it was worth it. I worked on my short fiction, worked for some quick money to keep the family afloat and took care of my son.

2014, I hope, will see more sales, including pro sales. I have some pieces already drafted, outlined, etc. I hope that they will be as well received as my earlier pieces and that I can make real progress on putting out a novel or two. I’ve also started taking my knowledge base more seriously, taking free online courses through a number of outlets. I hope that these will both improve my writing and my ability to make physical things. In that vein, I hope to build myself a home foundry and start casting aluminum pieces for gaming and other purposes.

I have a number of resolutions, from getting back into karate to laying off the Facebook games again (when I began focusing on writing, I gave up on that distraction, but caught up again near the end of last year.) and setting a certain rate of production for myself. Of course, these all come in second to teaching Oliver some basic sign language and keeping him fed and all.

My story “All the Pretty Colors” and a related interview came out in Crossed Genres last night and “Aeolus, Chiron and Medusa” my steampunk superhero story should be available in Capes and Clockwork any day now.

And so I set out, shining a light on new worlds and lives, including my own.
All the best to you an yours in 2014!