Patreon Update, Discord, and Fiction

Hey there, so, yeah, it’s been a while since I posted over here. I didn’t realize until just now responding to a comment how long it had been. Sorry. Most of my daily/ weekly posting is on my Patreon now. I’m currently serializing a former NaNoWriMo novel, The Logicians of Ambervale, editing it and souping up the plot as I go.
It’s becoming what I had hoped for it, but it’s tough to describe without spoilers. The basic story is that Elamon, a youth on the verge of becoming a man in his society, is sent on a quest to investigate and perhaps solve a shortage of metals used in scientific equipment. This is a very advanced tech society, but they don’t have fire and therefore smelting or other means to extracting metal from ores. They rely entirely on what they can pan out or chemically derive, and even that is rare given their obvious lack of glass. What they do have, though, is amber, which they control in what at first appears to be a magical way. As the series progresses, though, the science is revealed, along with social truths and a history of his people that Elamon never suspected.
If that piques your interest, hop on the above linked Patreon page and sign up for $5/mo and catch up Elamon and his friends, Bagba, the Agathi lizardperson hunter and Utia, the girl with electric purple eyes, as well as gaining access to my previous serialized fantasy novel, Breaking The Word, in its entirely before it goes to the next revision and leaps into the yawning pit of submissions to agents and editors.
I also post the occasional short story for all patrons ($1/ mo and up), anecdotes about funny stuff my son says, and updates on my writing a couple of times a week. I’m also working on additional features covering my various fiction worlds, Dungeons and Dragons maps, modules and creatures, and paintings and sculptures.
I’m also investigating creating Discord roles for patrons interested in that kind of thing, as I have been using Discord for gaming on Roll20 and general social contact.
If any of this interests you, please feel free to comment here or pop over and sign up for Patreon and leave comments on the related posts I’ve recently made.
I also also have an anthology coming out next month(September 2018) called “End of the World Potluck,” which is basically as advertised. As we get closer to release, I’ll post again about this, with links to the Facebook page, a cover reveal, and more about the premise.
Thanks for dropping by! Keep reading!


Patreon, Ko-fi, Drip, etc

As some of you may know, Patreon recently announced a change to its terms that shifts the onus of most of the fees onto the patron. For some creators, this may result in more money, but the manner in which the whole thing is being executed leads to some less than pleasant conclusions about their attitude toward folks like me who have handfuls of followers and take in gas money instead of hundreds or thousands of followers making what I would consider more than a decent living.
This is business these days, I know. One cannot simply have a business and provide a service and have everyone involved go about their merry. No, one must channel the shark, become bloodthirsty and honed, sharp as a razor, trimming away the less productive parts of your business and feeding the best producing, striving for the top. Not everyone should be at the top, and everyone, clearly, cannot be at once. It’s a contentious, destructive system which will only end badly for all. I feel like I’ve veered off into a political rant. let’s steer this boat back on course.
I’ve been with Patreon for nearly six months now, and they’ve been good months. I’ve written half of my fantasy novel, Breaking The Word, as well as a few short stories, and felt more motivated, knowing people were actually waiting for and enjoying my work, rather than tossing short story after short story into the void and jiggling the line to try to attract new sales, only to have the line snap or have dropped the wrong bait for the wrong fish. I’m not sure where all these fishing/ocean metaphors are coming from. I don’t fish and I’m not generally comfortable in water I can’t stand up in…
I’ll be keeping an eye on the situation with Patreon as well as searching for new ways to keep myself going. As mentioned int he title, I’ve started a ko-fi page, which allows people to drop by and donate “a coffee”- about $3US – in support of my work. It’s not as directly tied to production as Patreon, or recurring as a subscription, but it’s something. Once I get a feel for the site, I’ll be posting content over there, some stories that have appeared only in print (not ebooks) photos of current sculpture and game creation projects, etc. This stuff will also go up on my Patreon whilst I continue to use it and have patrons over there as those people have stuck with me and deserve to see it first.
I’m also looking into Drip, which I believe goes live from its current closed beta early next year and looking into starting up some projects on Ratafire, which i know nearly nothing about and seems to have manifested itself in one of my browser tabs recently. Whoever sent me that link, thanks!
For now, though, I must attend the real world and ponder the ever-shifting landscape at the intersection of business and art. Thanks for dropping by! Keep reading!
And here’s my link for ko-fi, if you feel so inclined. Buy Me a Coffee

Let’s Try This One More Time

So here we are, a week and change into my Patreon campaign (which makes it sound like a limited time event, but for now I plan it to go as long as I can produce/ keep breathing, so hopefully, quite a while.) I have a couple of followers at the highest support level enjoying all I have to create and have run a poll asking what genre people want to read. It came up “fantasy,” so I brainstormed on a novel idea I had in the last year but never made time to explore. The next day, I started writing. I will hit seven thousand words tonight, eight if I’m lucky. It’s swimming along nicely, with my planning staying ahead of my writing enough to just keep writing when I get the chance.
In other writing news, I got paid for my second reprint ever! Woo! As soon as I get a link for the book, Fae Wings, I’ll post it on my bibliography page and update that with a couple other works. I also got a rejection today for a story I think it one of, if not the best short stories I’ve written. This was the fifth or six place I sent this story, but at least I got some advice that feels actionable as well as some nice words over all and an invitation to continue submitting. I’m going to look back over that one with the advice in mind and I have two more markets lined up for it before it becomes a Patreon exclusive read for a while and then goes to Amazon. For other writers, how many times do you send out a story before you give up on it?
Thanks for dropping by, don’t forget to check out my Patreon and FB pages!