Going Solo

For four years now, I’ve slogged it through the mud of alien worlds and earthbound dystopias, planting flags and learning to communicate with the natives. I’ve written about flying men, paranormal investigating women, creatures without gender or with many at once, plying the oceans, the depths of interstellar space and the interstices of our bodies. All of these stories, though, have one thing in common (besides me 😉 ). They’re all been written to stand alongside other stories, other worlds, should to shoulder to build anthologies and magazines.
Now I’m onto two new projects. One is one I’ve mentioned before, but bears repeating. I’ve created a Patreon page, here, where you can follow the creation of my first serialized novel. I’ve been increasing my rate of posting new chapters, and hope to hit one chapter a week in October. (EDIT: I am currently doing one chapter a week, with the next, chapter nine, coming up Tuesday!)
Follow Celus, the wizard’s apprentice, as he tries to carry out his deceased master’s plan to defeat a conclave of evil wizards; Agit, Captain of the Guard for the small town of Greenpond; Meira, newly minted cleric of the god of travel and messengers, and Korl, a Dwarven ironmonger who is more than he looks. Will they save the world or be too consumed by their own worldly distractions to do what must be done?
The other project, about which I am also very excited, is one for Pro Se Productions’ new series. The plan is for one new story to be released each week, with four different main characters taking focus in turns, like the “movie of the week” from TV in decades past. My character is Harridan. Like Monk, Kojak, or Kolchak, she goes by just the one name, investigating the strange and coming up with answers nobody else could find. This first installment, by me (while further episodes will be taken up by others) is slated to come out in October.
Thanks for stopping by. Keep reading, and don’t forget to drop by my Patreon page. Even $1 a month helps me, and gets you access to short stories, some of which haven’t been seen before, others were published in obscure locales, as ell as humorous stories of my being a stay at home dad. At $5 a month, you can read along as Breaking the Word is serialized and see more fun content like character sketches and some material rewards such as bookmarks and post cards when those become available.