Publishing News – July 2017

Hey there, thanks for dropping by. I’ve just added a couple of things to the bibliography page, both reprints, my first two ever! That was something of a milestone. For one of the stories, “Mirrors of Mars,” it’s the first time in electronic form in the wild, and its original run was with a very small press. It’s a Ray Bradbury tribute piece, on his Mars, which was the theme of the original anthology, Dandelions of Mars, from Whortleberry Press. This time around, it’s headlining Digital Science Fiction’s Celestial Beans anthology! My name on the front of a book, instead of being buried in the “and More…” section is also kind of a big deal for me, let alone that my name comes first!
The Patreon is rolling along, with about twenty posts since the start of the month. Mostly, it’s writing updates, keeping people informed about the progress of Breaking the Word, the fantasy novel I’m working on right now, and a couple of character sketches. I also have one stand alone short story in the Dieselpunk/Atompunk genres available for all patrons to read and will be posting the first chapter of Breaking the Word sometime next week. I encourage you to come over and check it out, maybe throw a dollar a month at me for some first looks at new work and to help me keep writing. Thanks!


Let’s Try This One More Time

So here we are, a week and change into my Patreon campaign (which makes it sound like a limited time event, but for now I plan it to go as long as I can produce/ keep breathing, so hopefully, quite a while.) I have a couple of followers at the highest support level enjoying all I have to create and have run a poll asking what genre people want to read. It came up “fantasy,” so I brainstormed on a novel idea I had in the last year but never made time to explore. The next day, I started writing. I will hit seven thousand words tonight, eight if I’m lucky. It’s swimming along nicely, with my planning staying ahead of my writing enough to just keep writing when I get the chance.
In other writing news, I got paid for my second reprint ever! Woo! As soon as I get a link for the book, Fae Wings, I’ll post it on my bibliography page and update that with a couple other works. I also got a rejection today for a story I think it one of, if not the best short stories I’ve written. This was the fifth or six place I sent this story, but at least I got some advice that feels actionable as well as some nice words over all and an invitation to continue submitting. I’m going to look back over that one with the advice in mind and I have two more markets lined up for it before it becomes a Patreon exclusive read for a while and then goes to Amazon. For other writers, how many times do you send out a story before you give up on it?
Thanks for dropping by, don’t forget to check out my Patreon and FB pages!