So, Father’s Day…

Is just around the corner. For many years, it was a non-holiday for me. I didn’t have the benefit of that relationship growing up and for a long time, my young characters either had one parent or none. It just seemed natural, and really, I had no idea how to write a ‘normal’ family. Despite the odds as they seemed to me much of my life, I am now a father. My son will be two years old a few days after I turn forty. He’s a handful and some moments I can see how some people can’t handle it, but somehow we make it out the other side and I see how smart and sweet he can be and how quickly he’s learning new words, his letters, numbers, etc.

Now instead of a day to be ignored or let gnaw at me, it’s my turn to add a tie to my meager collection, to get that card I could never send. My world has changed so much and I wonder how that’s impacted my writing. I think some of it is more hopeful, positive, but it’s also filled with new experiences and possibilities.

A new piece came out the other day, another Aeolus and Chiron story in an Emby Press release, Super Hero Monster Hunter: The Good Fight and another featuring our dynamic steampunkers will be out later this summer in Capes and Clockwork 2. Production is paused on bigger projects, though a series of novels in this steamy world is on a couple of different burners. After writing half the first book, I realized it was actually the second book and I went to work outlining the real book one. Once we’re settled into the new house, work will commence on this major undertaking. For now, it’s late and shorter works and bed call to me. I must succumb to one or the other soon. Good Night!