A Journey of a Thousand Views

In the last year and a half, I’ve gotten off my butt and finally started finishing stories, editing them as best I could instead of a cursory read through, gotten feedback on many stories, and even begun publishing. I opened author’s pages on Facebook, Amazon,Amazon UK and Goodreads and started this blog which has just hit 1000 views. Not very auspicious, but not every story can begin with a bang, especially in real life. 2013 was admittedly better to me than 2014 has been so far, but that can be chalked up to missing some opportunities this year due to motivation, energy and time availability issues.

Still, the important thing is to tuck past failures away once you’ve learned from them and not look upon them again. Every moment is a chance to make a choice about time use as every word is an opportunity to improve a story, even if it’s by removing it. Not only have I put out shorts in anthologies, magazines and on websites, but I’ve met a lot of wonderful, creative people. I’ve helped edit work for people whose work has appeared next to mine in previous pubs as well as new writers, and soon I’ll be posting reviews of anthologies and stories and pointing to the work of some of those new friends.

The last year particularly has been a huge learning experience, not only in the arena of writing, but of parenthood as my firstborn, Ollie, came out to meet us last July. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already. He’s grown physically and capability-wise into an interactive little person, and I look forward to seeing (and helping) that progress continue. In the last year I also married a wonderful woman with whom I look forward to growing old (as much as one can look forward to growing old 😉 ).

Now I sit here, looking at my failure to appear as scheduled for blogging over the last months and tuck that away, focusing on how I can improve my availability in this venue and others, how I can carve out more time to do the work of writing as well as continue to meet new people in the field, make connections and possibly even get one of these books that have been clogging up my brain completed and into the world. I look forward to the next year and all the things I’ll learn.