State of the Stuff, Oct 1, 2013

My, how the weeks and months speed by when sleep is a rare commodity! Writing and updating this blog have slowed down, but I’m popping in to announce that an anthology, Longest Hours, Thoughts While Waiting (Amazon link), also here (B&N link) is out from Silver Boomer Books with my story, Raptors of the Deep. Also scheduled later this month is an instructional guide at Mad Scientist Journal which is a site posting stories based around… mad science! Experiments, pseudoscientific papers, etc. It’s fun. I’ll post again on or about the date, but it should be the 21st.

Preparations for NaNoWriMo have begun, while work on Knife Money has been slow. While I have a couple of markets I’ll be pursuing for short stories, these will be taking a backseat until the end of the year, in favor of noveling and editing.

During that time, though, I have a couple of additional pieces due out, a steampunk superhero tale and a faerie story about a type of fae called ‘stroke lads.’ While most of my shorts ache to be expanded into longer works, I’ve done some work with this latter and it may end up on the rack soon.


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