Not a Natural Speaker

On Setting Up and Using Dragon Naturally Speaking – part 1

I’ve never been an early adopter, mostly because those people are more concerned with nifty-shininess than getting their money’s worth and I’ve never had money to throw around on things which might not do what I need. That said, I realize I’m a little late to the party. I’ve tried to get a speech to text program in the past, but it didn’t work out. I got the only flavor of Dragon Naturally Speaking that didn’t qualify for an upgrade to Win 7 when that’s all I had access to for operating systems.

Now, though, my fiancee’s mother bought me a copy of a more recent version. I installed it, but hadn’t had the chance to activate and set it up properly until now. I’m a quiet speaker. It took me four tries to get the program to accept my mic test. I guess you can’t be shy while dictating. Right now the program is working up a profile for me. I imagine it rolling its non-existent, digital eyes and chuckling quietly to itself while it figures out how best to handle me. Did I mention I sometimes lapse into various (mostly terrible, some muddy, unidentifiable) accents when I get nervous? That’ll make things easier…

On the up side, while I can spell fairly well, I type atrociously. I have a few go-to typos from which there seems to be no escape, and I have moments where clearly I’m being too shy with the keyboard as well, needing to go back and hit the buttons more forcibly to get a response. Hopefully, if I can adapt to this program, it will help with this issue.

And then there’s writing in general. I’ve grown accustomed to poking buttons as my brain comes up with the next word, the next sentence. I’ve trained myself, however poorly in some respects, to ‘think in keyboard’ or at least think through my fingers? When I have to try to filter my crazy ideas through my tongue, closer to my brain by halfway across my body from my hands… what will happen? Will I become boring? Will I find hidden censors ready to keep me from saying aloud the acts and visions my fingers blithely transmit? Or will it really be more ‘natural?’

Here’s hoping.


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