State of the Stuff, Aug 1, 2013

So, Oliver is 29 days old. We’ve all survived thus far, though some of us are a little shy on sleep at the moment. Today was also my last day at the day job for… well, the foreseeable future. I’ve been working at this particular company on and off (like anyone else who works there, pretty much, that’s how it works when you score standardized tests for various states.) It’s been a good run, and I may get back there from time to time on the evening shift, but my primary day job type deal for now will be taking care of the munchkin and eventually doing homeschooling with him.

And writing… Yeah. I’ve been dipping my toes in the short fiction market pool for the first half of the year. I’m planning on maybe going ankle deep in the second half of the year, life permitting. I’ve sold my sixth story of the year this morning, (a fun little Halloween story for my friends at Whortleberry )with a yearlong goal of ten. (For those of you who don’t know and I don’t recall if I said anywhere on here, I’ve only started publishing this year.)

All previous attempts at selling my fiction have been relatively poorly directed abject failures. Now, I’m getting the hang of it, building a network via this blog, a FB page and Twitter account( @JohnAMcColley ), as well as finding markets to which I can sell reliably and looking for the next rung on the ladder while maintaining the valued earlier connections. Selling stories is gratifying, but making enough money to be meaningful would be grand…

Also, I’ve participated in NaNoWriMo for the last ten years and plan to engage the challenge again this year, though truthfully the challenges are my own, as the base goal of 50,000 words is almost trivial to me now that I’ve achieved it many times and have hit 70k+ at least a couple of times. My new goal(? not really, it’s been my goal the last few times, and I’m getting closer) is to finish an entire draft, expected to be on the order of 100k in length.

Aside from that, though, I also intend to take what I hope will be some more freedom and writing time to flesh out my NaNos, beginning with my most recent one, Knife Money, a darker fantasy about legacies destroyed, families lost and found, and love conquering all… oh wait… I guess you’ll just have to see.


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