Success! Or something like it.

My computer started messing up a couple of Fridays ago, running slowly, taking forever to load webpages and open programs or dialogs. It definitely inhibited my productivity and set me to a bad mood. I’ve run some antivirus software of different flavors. Back in the day, you had Norton and McAfee and they just worked, or mostly not, just arguing with different parts of the valid computer system… but I digress…

Now, there are many options and the old workhorses aren’t what they used to be. You’re also not just looking for ‘viruses,’ but ‘malware’ of all sorts, spyware and Trojans and other types, many of which have their own specialized programs to combat them. You no longer need a security guard making sure no one’s sneaking something into the pudding on the cafeteria line. You need an army!

I downloaded a few of these programs, free versions for now, because that’s where I live. As a writer without much in the way of a day job, especially a regular one, I have to take what I can get when I can get it.

That brings me back around to writing. That afternoon, I got a notification of acceptance of one of my stories (ok, so I was lurking on my Submittable page because I knew one of the places I’d submitted to through them had a relatively short turn around and the average response time was nigh.)

I was psyched, as I have had little enough success as to still warrant high fives every sale, but not enough to warrant special dinners or anything because that would eat more money than I’d be making from the sale 😉 I went to check my email and saw I had a message with the subject of “your contract” and was pleased that the editor was so on the ball. I opened it, only to find that this was a contract for a different story.

Needless to say, I was doubly psyched and ill thoughts toward the world and my computer faded away pretty quickly. I am holding those links up my sleeve for now as the stories aren’t out yet. I will say one will be on a website, later to be collected in an anthology, and the other will be in an anthology due out by the end of the summer. Both are fun little pieces and I look forward to some feedback on them as well as getting more sales soon!


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