Is it just my imagination or…?

When I was a kid, the comic book world was introduced to a Superman from another dimension, a “Bizarro” world where people said the opposite of what they meant and everything was recognizable, but a bit off. Think Alice in Wonderland, but often with even more adult themes than a simple transition to an adult world which sometimes makes no sense to the young.

Apparently, this is now (I’m sure it’s been around a while, but it’s just now seeping into my world) a genre of writing. It’s absurdist, extremist, and sometimes straight-out wacky. You can have characters with barbershop poles or gum ball machines of heads (think old school Egyptian gods where human bodies had falcon or alligator heads).

The rules of the world are often a bit different in fantasy fiction, that’s the point, but in these tales, the lines between just about anything you can imagine and what makes sense are crumpled up like a terrible first draft and tossed into a pile on the floor which somehow makes itself into a new clothes dryer for your wet socks, which spits any other article of clothing out… See what I mean?

There are nuances I’ve no doubt missed in my limited exposure, but I’ve found a few markets for this kind of fiction, and begun building stories around some pretty out there concepts. I think I need to do some reading in the area to really get something appropriate. Anyone out there know of a good place to start or have a favorite “Bizarro” story or novel?

If this post itself is a bit less than coherent, I plead the first… First child, that is. His mama and I have been at the hospital the last few days welcoming him into the world and cramming on the first steps of this parenting thing with the help of some nurses and the Baby Instruction Manual. I can’t claim him as reason for my erratic posts over the last month or two. I’m just lazy and easily distracted.


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