A Ray of Starlight

Avid readers of science fiction, especially classic science fiction that really makes one sit back and ponder the implications of what they’ve just read, or even are currently reading, will know the name Ray Bradbury. Colonizing Mars, strange happenings in your own backyard, he covered them.

Ray introduced me to stories about rocket ships and Martians in my grade school days. I read every book of his stocked by my local library. When I drive by that building which started life as a one room schoolhouse, is now a meetinghouse as the town built a larger library down the street, I always think of Ray.

Now, I have been given the opportunity to pay my own respects to this great author. He passed away last year and this year, Whortleberry Press is putting out a tribute anthology called Dandelions on Mars, referencing two of his more famous works. I am honored that Mirrors of Mars will be part of this volume and look forward to reading the other tales therein.

Thanks, Ray.


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