Tell ’em “Joe sent me” to be able to Submit.

While I’ll get back to the subject of submitting to publications at some point, my process and finding places which are looking for things like the ones I’ve written and all, this is actually a call for help on the subject of the Submittable web service.

A number of publications whose guidelines I’ve looked at recently accept submissions through this service (and only through this service, which I guess makes sense if you’re going to shell out the cash to open an account.)

This last bit is the source of my quandary: as a submitter, do I have to pay? If so, why? For me, at any rate, paying for a service which will allow me to submit to journals and ezines and such which a) may or may not accept my work and b) may or may not pay me even if they do accept my work and which c) may also charge another fee on top of the cost of my ‘subscription’ to cover their subscription simply isn’t worth it.

Maybe I’m being especially sensitive due to my poor employment status and everyone’s just used to getting nicked for little fees like $10 a month( the lowest subscription tier- allegedly when they started, one could sign up as an indy magazine or whatever and get in free. I find no link or reference to this now, and only found this info on a third-party review of the site.)

Every article and tidbit I’ve seen about this site is a rave, but I don’t see the appeal for the submitter, the writer. Some try to talk about saving postage and paper, but I submit strictly by email or e-form on the pub’s site. There’s only one market I might break this rule for, since they’re still living in the 19th century and take only snail mail submissions, but I don’t think I’m up to sending to them yet, anyway.

So, I guess the second part of my query is this: does anyone use this service and is it free for submitters through some secret-knock and a password given through the tiny sliding window in the back alley entrance where they also serve bootleg whiskey?


4 thoughts on “Tell ’em “Joe sent me” to be able to Submit.

  1. Hi there. So far, I’ve had to follow some very specific submission procedures at some sites, but I have not had to pay to do so. Any time anybody wants to charge me for my own work, I put a big red X on that market and take my work elsewhere.

    • Thanks for dropping by! I totally agree. I avoid any pub demanding reading fees. There are certainly enough markets out there to give the ones with their hands out a miss. I have also seen some pretty extensive lists of formatting parameters. Some of these of course make sense, but since I’ve been submitting in digital formats this time around, I can’t see how it’s a huge deal beyond seeing if a writer will jump through hoops/ follow directions. I am amused in the cases where the editors are so set in their ways that they request “SMF” or Standard Manuscript Format and you should know what that is or you’re an imbecile. As I point out in my blog post on this subject, there is no “standard” as this implies a format _most_ people use.
      Thanks for your comment!

  2. I would like to say that I asked about this subject of Submittable charging submitters, and I got a reply from a current user assuring me that the site in fact does not do so. Thank you Timothy for your response to my query and allaying my fears of approaching this tool. I now feel as though I can safely create stories for these markets and not worry that I’ll have to shell out before submitting.

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