Other Words: Minotaur by Joe Pace, pt 1

MinotaurNovelCover photo MinotaurCover.jpg

This is part one simply because I am super busy and have never been one of those “It was so good, I couldn’t put it down” people. I read in small chunks, as life and work allow. So how is it so far?

I had a little trouble getting into the first couple of chapters. Now, I have adjusted to our differences in style and am enjoying this tale of solar-system wide intrigue and politics. Action centers on a penal colony orbiting Jupiter. We learn about the warden, the ‘secret’ prisoner at Minotaur and follow a number of flashbacks that define these and other characters. These deeper characters are flawed, haunted and I can’t wait to see how they impact the overall storyline.

Check out the other reviews and comments on Amazon by clicking on the cover above and if you’re close enough, swing my the University of New Hampshire on Tuesday for a signing. I already have my signed copy, one of the first, and I look forward to finishing it during my more or less free week coming up. Find out more and reply to this event on Facebook. Or just show up to the UNH Bookstore 83 Main Street, Memorial Union Bldg. Durham, New Hampshire 03824 Tuesday, March 26, 11:00 – 14:00.


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