Come play with me

As previously posted, I will be running games at the TableTop events in Portsmouth at the end of the month. I plan on running Farmageddon and CREATURES, both Kickstarter games I backed in the last year and therefore, probably games you haven’t seen. If I am not too distracted by the day job and getting my current volley of stories ready, I may find time to bring my own card game as well. We shall see.

Farmageddon is a cool little game about growing crops for points, stealing your neighbor’s crops and trashing their crops to keep them from getting points. It has some cool mechanics including…

Creatures is a quick, fun game about building the best creature you can from the cards in your hand, which consist of heads, bodies and tails. Each creature gets one of each part and does battle with other creatures for supremacy. Mechanics like getting a part you want from defeated creatures and partial names and descriptions on each card which are read aloud when the creature is played, add to the fun.

I’ll post again between now and then with the details of the events – when and where the action will take place and how to sign up.


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