Would you like to play a game?

Games, like reading, are fundamental. Often treated by recent generations as “simply” play, wasting time, slacking off, games actually provide us with a number of benefits. By playing games, especially a wide variety of games, we learn stratagems for approaching various situations, teamwork, dealing with both winning and losing properly, new terminology and general socialization.

To honor this huge part of many of our lives, and at least some part of almost everyone’s lives, I introduce a new holiday of sorts, International TableTop Day. Apparently it also has something to do with Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day…

In addition to watching the video and assailing your local gaming store, those of you in southern New Hampshire can drop by the Port City Makerspace in lovely, tax-free Portsmouth New Hampshire for a gaming event. You can even do both the gaming store events and the PCMS event as due to a scheduling conflict, the PCMS event is on Sunday, the 31st! I’ll be there, likely running a game, as mentioned on my new, shiny, FaceBook page. Here’s the eventbrite page, just to let us keep track of how many might be showing and give you details about our event. Thanks!


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