Can we just be friends?

Rejection has gotten a lot friendlier since I did this dance some years ago. I don’t have a strong personal sample, having sent out only two stories thus far this year and having one of them accepted(still feeling good about that, sue me.) I do however, have a tidy little stack of notes on company letterhead from Asimov’s and some other markets from years past. I was aiming high when I began, but I do plan to submit again to Asimov’s by the end of the year.
I’m used to form letters. I expect them, as any realistic writer does. I was elated when on my second story for this year I got an email within a day telling me that I had passed the first round. Later, I realized this probably meant that I was being let in the door because I had managed to show up wearing a shirt and shoes, therefore, I was eligible for service. I had submitted in an appropriate file format, had one inch margins, etc. (See this later post on manuscript formatting-link forthcoming)
The second letter though, held encouraging words, lauded my adherence to the given theme, gave credit for what was right, cited what was not-so-right, and pointed out that this was personal preference and opinion. When I got to the closing line wishing me luck in finding a home for the story elsewhere(watch out, Asimov’s, this one may be coming to you with a bit of tweaking!) I actually felt as though the editor meant it and it wasn’t just “one of those things we say.”
I have three more stories in process for this month. I feel they can all be strong contenders, I just have to do the work. Until next time, keep writing!


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