I don’t usually do this for money…

Some time ago, I gave up on sending stories out.  I’m traditionally not very good with rejection.  I had started with grand dreams of supporting myself, even putting myself through my advanced degrees with the fantastic worlds and characters I dream up on a regular basis.  I thought up a number of very clever ideas, banged them out roughly with my keyboard, tried to clean up grammar and sent them out.

From this I learned two major lessons.  1) Editing grammar is not revising.  2) I had no idea how to revise despite being in advanced writing classes and holding a minor in English.  Now, I have begun to take this as a challenge rather than an insurmountable problem.

While I no doubt have some ways to go on this journey, in fact recognizing it may be one of those tedious treks like an American learning to do one of the proper British accents which one never truly completes, I have had some recent success.

Resolving, as one tends to do at the start of the year, to turn over a new leaf ( mostly because the old ones are brown and moldy or sludgy by January), I have written, revised and sent out two stories this year.  This is particularly remarkable because as I allude to in my title du jour, I have already received confirmation of acceptance from one publisher.  I don’t expect a reply from the second for some time as I have only sent that story out last night.

You can find my first bonafide paid-for story “Flipping Luck” in Whortleberry Press’ Lucky Mystery Volume Five, due out on the 31st of March.

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